The biggest news out of Firenze Home TexStyle 2020 2nd edition was the GREEN HUB by Adolfo Carrara project:

An unprecedented green oasis set up in the atrium of Fortezza da Basso, an eco-textile trade fair entirely dedicated to sustainable textile brands and ethical textile labels, i.e. the green economy, sustainability and social inclusion in the world of home textiles.

Of course, Tessitura Toscana Telerie was there with pure linen items– one of the most eco-friendly fiber – that always reflect our sensitivity in line with current thoughts of collective interest. GREEN HUB was an opportunity to tell, also by means of a brochure, our story of caring and the eco-friendly actions we take in terms of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

This topic is unavoidable today. Respect for the environment and our climate means choosing organic fabrics, compostable or recyclable packaging, innovating production processes and materials. It also means making a deliberate choice, welcoming as well as promoting the sensitivity of the new generations of consumers who ask for a more careful and far-sighted management of resources. TTT is working to make the world a better place.