Tessitura Toscana Telerie shares many values with their customers, first and foremost the high quality of textile raw materials.

Research and selection of the best materials and the most advanced production processes are crucial to ensure the high quality our customers have come to expect: only the best long-staple Egyptian cottons, excellent European Normandy linen, and the most refined digital printing are used in our jacquards for the table, sateens, and jacquards for bed sets. A fully-controlled production starts with selected raw materials that are then woven in Italy by reliable long-standing suppliers who share Tessitura Toscana Telerie‘s values and working methods. European linen, certified by Masters of Linen, is among the most used tablecloth fabrics in the collection. Flax from Western Europe is considered the best in the world because of climate conditions, the availability of good soil, the know-how of farmers, and the entire supply chain. All tablecloths are in pure linen, as are dishcloths, and some bedding items such as linen duvet covers and 100% linen bed sheets.

Among natural fibers for fabrics, linen is one of the most precious and smart. Let’s describe its natural characteristics and properties and how flax is grown.
Linen (Linum usitatissimum) is one of the first eight plants cultivated by man in the Western Asia region known as the Fertile Crescent. The charm of this fiber has remained intact over time. Nowadays, linen is regarded as one of the best examples of sustainable agriculture.
Flax grows rapidly: sowing happens from March to April for a 100-day vegetation cycle. Flax is ecological: it does not need any water for irrigation, nor fertilizers, and the derivating products are biodegradable. The stem – usually 1mt tall – yields a noble textile fiber called bast. Fibers are separated from stems, then combed, spun, and finally woven to become woven linen, the elegant and fresh fabric that we all know. Linen fabric is resistant to wear and tear, it is not very stretchy and it does not lose its shape. Of all the natural textile products, linen is an excellent thermo-regulating and hygroscopic fiber, with great moisture absorption properties. In addition, the hollow fiber becomes sort of an air chamber that plays an important temperature-control function, which makes linen comfortable in all seasons, as it protects from the heat as much as from the cold.
Linen tablecloths and very fine linen bed sheets are a staple in households that care about sustainability with a touch of elegance, class, and comfort. Tessitura Toscana Telerie delivers all of that enriched with charm and prints, designs and colors of unparalleled beauty.

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