MEZZERI: what a fantastic idea!

  • MEZZERI: what a fantastic idea!

    Don’t let the word “mèzzero” mislead you: it simply refers to a large piece of cloth

Yes, “mezzeri” are pieces of fabric that were traditionally weaved and used in every home in a thousand different ways, based on fancy or necessity. In Italy, they were also once called mèseri.

Today, Tessitura Toscana Telerie produces Mezzeri exclusively in 100% European linen with bright color prints. Using the same original and elegant patterns that typify the collection, they have become extraordinarily versatile and refined decor textiles. They can be used as slipcovers, if you want to protect your sofa from everyday wear and tear, especially from children and pets. But Mezzeri can also be transformed into window treatments for the bedroom or drapes to separate one room from another or to hide built-in shelves and recesses. In the bathroom, they can easily replace traditional cabinet doors under the sink to keep everything you need close at hand.

Sofa coverings are basically large foulards to decorate the house with, and can also be draped over small tables or chests, or mounted as room dividers or inserted in the door panels of an armoire. When mixed and matched to bed sets, Mezzeri can create many pleasant combinations.

Have we given you some ideas? How will you be using your mezzero?

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